What We Do

Durham Library Foundation supports Durham County Library by helping to fund several signature initiatives.

Humanities Programming

Our humanities programming brings nationally recognized authors and world-class scholars to thousands of library patrons, and is a model for other library systems around the state. Participation in the library’s innovative programs continues to double and redouble. These award-winning events are funded almost entirely by donations to the Foundation.

North Carolina Collection

The North Carolina Collection is the resource for historical records of the city and county of Durham. It is crucial that the library continue to provide these relevant materials to the public in a timely manner, but storage and cataloging needs present ongoing fiscal challenges. Funds from the Foundation help grow and support the collection.

Summer Reading

Summer Reading, the most popular Durham County Library program, touches thousands of children each summer. For two months, children log their daily reading and become eligible for rewards as they progress. The Foundation is committed to providing funding to this important program that helps keep children’s minds active during the summer and gets them ready for the upcoming school year.

Library Youth Partners

With GlaxoSmithKline, the Foundation supports Library Youth Partners. This innovative program trains high-school-aged teens to become leaders in spreading the benefits of literacy throughout the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t Durham County citizens already support the library with their taxes and with the recent bond issues?
Can’t I just give money directly to the library?
Doesn’t the Friends of the Durham Library organization already raise money to support the library?
What types of donations can the Foundation accept?