How We Spent Our Summer

Will You Be Our “Hero”?

Durham Library Foundation provides funding for Durham County Library’s popular Summer Reading program. This year’s theme was “Every Hero Has a Story,” and our kids proved to be reading superheroes themselves, logging more than 2,508,731 reading points. This surpassed last summer’s totals by 27%!

Summer Reading helps to prevent the dreaded “summer slide” for students, preparing them to return to school with improved literacy skills. This successful program would not be possible without YOUR support. Today, please make a donation to help Durham children return to school retaining the knowledge they learned throughout the school year and with their academic skills sharp.

Through Summer Reading, kids’ imaginations are sparked by stories and educational activities. Students gain added confidence and creativity. Be a “hero” to the Durham community. Give now so we can start planning for our next successful Summer Reading program. What invaluable gifts you will make possible for children and families in Durham!


When DCL Wins, the Community Wins

In June, DCL was awarded the American Library Association’s prestigious John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award for Durham Reads Together: March, a series of programs and events featuring Rep. John Lewis that brought the community together across many diverse lines to share in the story of the Civil Rights Movement. With a comprehensive marketing strategy and intentional scheduling of powerful programs like Durham Marches Together, Durham Sings Together and Durham Remembers Together, the month-long event, held in October 2014, helped reinforce the power of a unified community to tackle even its toughest problems. Durham Library Foundation provided “the margin of excellence” by funding this award winning program.

Digging Durham Seed Library wins a National Association of Counties Achievement Award! Funded by a grant from Durham Library Foundation, Durham County Library launched this special library “collection” of fruit, vegetable and flower seeds. Library patrons are now able to “check out” seeds and then “return” harvested seeds once the growing season is complete. By providing seeds and encouraging seed saving, Digging Durham Seed Library helps to develop seed stock that is well suited to our climate and boosts local biodiversity. It also helps citizens save money. The library partners with S.E.E.D.S., a local nonprofit; Master Gardeners; and the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. To date, residents have “checked out” more than 4000 seed packets. Find out more at, and give today to help us continue this popular program.


A Fond Farewell for a DCL Superhero

Our Humanities Programming “Hero” is retiring in August! Joanne Abel, Durham County Library’s Humanities and Adult Programming Coordinator is embarking on new adventures, featuring traveling, expanding her wealth of knowledge, and doing good things in the Durham community. Building on the success of our first Humanities Coordinator, Joanne has taken the program to new heights. More than 6,500 patrons have enjoyed a wide range of programming that had something for everyone. From the serious to the comical, Joanne crafted programs that showcased local experts, regional favorites and national authors. She partnered with myriad Durham organizations, nonprofits and businesses to bring Durham top-notch programs. Joanne even highlighted local artists by using their art as covers for the program brochures. Under her leadership, the Humanities Society has grown to over 2,000 members, a feat practically unheard of in adult programming. If you have enjoyed these wonderful programs, please make a donation to Durham Library Foundation in Joanne’s honor.

Onward and upward, Joanne!

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