Support Summer Reading with a Gift to the Foundation

Your support for Durham County Library’s Summer Reading Program does so many wonderful things:

  • prevents the dreaded “summer slide” (kids losing what they have learned by the start of the new school year)
  • helps children improve their literacy skills
  • fosters a lifelong love for reading.

Girl with carrotsFor more than fifty years, Durham County Library has provided the Summer Reading Program for thousands of Durham’s children.

The positives of Durham County Library’s Summer Reading Program:

  • Reading four or five books over the summer can have a significant benefit for middle school readers
  • Reduces the negative perception about summer learning for students who are struggling
  • Encourages readers, especially those who are struggling, to use alternate formats such as magazines, recorded books, graphic novels or material on the internet
  • Offers extensive enrichment activities related to literature that are often not included in school because of time constraints
  • Participants often return to Summer Reading year after year, which helps them to develop a pattern of building reading into their summer routine.

Please consider a gift to Durham Library Foundation to help support Summer Reading.

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